· Unrivaled synthetic algorithm technology that can quantify and shape optical information considering diffuse reflection of high gloss inspection materials (patent registration)

· A technology that combines 2D and 3D image processing methods to project only surface defects

· Defect detection technology by increasing image clarity and minimizing distortion with special design line scan lighting technology (patent registration)

Application field and industry

  • Metal & aluminum products

    Eliminates diffused reflections on metal surfaces to detect fine scratch, dent, crack and wrinkle on the surface
  • Plastic Injection & Rubber Products

    Detect Scratch, dent and cracks on surface without being affected by the color of the injected products.
  • PCB & Plated Products

    Detect Scratch, dent and foreign substance on plated PCB's surface.
  • FPD & Glass Products

    Detect Scratch, dent and foreign substance on tempered glass and LCD.
  • Film Products

    Inspect Scratch, dent and foreign substance on film of roll to roll equipment.
  • Bottle, can and PET products

    Detect Scratch, dent and foreign substance on glass, aluminum and PET Bottle.
  • Secondary battery / hydrogen battery separator

    Scratches, breaks, stings, and foreign substances on the surface that are Scattered reflection.
  • Other Products

    Detect optimal state for products whose judgment is unclear in the 2D image.

Features and Advantages

  • Applying the methods of 2D and 3D image process

    On the surfacs of metal and film with severe diffused reflections depending on the angle of the light, you can do the inspection in optimal condition excluding interference of ambient light and protruding the defects of surface.
  • Complete surface inspection integrated solution

    This is an integrated solution for surface inspection with HW and SW technologies for image processing.
  • Ability to inspect products in stationary and moving states

    It is a surface inspection product that can use area scan camera and line scan camera, and provides the optimal solution for customer's system.
  • Highly precise defect detection

    It is a highly precise inspection system that can detect defects that are difficult to detect with the naked eye and defects in microns (um).
  • Standardization of system

    Standardized optical systems can minimize the time and cost of installation.