Special / Manufacturing Industry

Inspection of high-voltage
electrostatic's rubber surface

  • · Scan the high-voltage electrostatic rubber surface with 6-axis motion control to inspect the defects on the surface.
  • · Inspect the surface defects such as dents, scratches, foreign objects, and stains
  • · Because rubber absorbs light and has a low reflectivity, so the strobe type of lighting is used.
  • · For more accurate defect detection, the irradiation angle of the light varies depending on the rubber surface texture.

Power plant
monitoring system

  • · The measured values are displayed/stored through the sensors installed on each element of the plant.
  • · Through real-time data check and control, the overall situation of power plant can be checked.

Control of equipment
detecting Plate element's
surface damage

  • · Control program of surface damage and fine dust detection measuring equipment using 4-axis motion and laser
  • · Motion Control / Data Acqusition / Data Analysis, etc.

Laser Motion Align and
Processing Location Control

  • · Process control and processing condition measurement of laser equipment
  • · Improve the quality through precise alignment position control and precise dimension measurement for machining conditions

Plating Inspection
and Length Inspection

  • · It is an application to check the bend or unplated of the terminal.
  • · It boasts a fast inspection speed and conducts plating inspection using various distance inspection methods and color camera and cam check the condition of product by unplated inspection