Notching System of
Automotive Secondary

  • · Inspection of Automotive secondary battery's dimension(pitch/ tap range / tab height, etc.)
  • · Measurement of distance using two 12M area cameras
  • · Applied precise correction using calibration grid
  • · Battery's wrinkle removal effect using flat dome
  • · Analyze statistical figures such as CPL / CPU / CP / CpK

Equipment inspecting
function and appearance
of automotive start button

  • · The parts are automatically supplied by the 6-axis joint robot, and the suitability of the parts is checked at each assembly step. After the assembly is completed, the function and appearance of the finished product are inspected.
  • · Inspect recognition of the QR code, soldering, whether or not there is a grease , product mixing at the verification stage
  • · Measure the pressure, stroke, current, resistance, etc. of the button and Inspect the break,angle,size and RGB color of printed letter in the finished product inspection stage

Equipment measuring
automotive spring

  • · It is a test to distinguish between good and bad parts by measuring the size of the spring used in automobiles
  • · The spring is a very important part of the engine and internal/external elements, and can be easily measured with this inspection system.

Inspection of sealant
grease coating

  • · Inspect sealant coating conditions (uncoated, over-coated) and sticker attached or not
  • · Both straight / curved sections can be inspected and data can be easily stored and managed. (MES available)

Inspection of Nut

  • · Select defective products by inspecting the shape, height and number of screw threads ot the nut
  • · There are automatic management tolerance setting and parameter automatic setting function through statistical learning.

Inspection of
Automotive AVN

  • · Automotive AVN (Audio / Video / Navi) box defect inspection
  • · Inspect defects such as stamping, scratch, foreign objects, and position defects.
  • · Custom split shooting and inspection are possible through motion position control

Measurement of
Automotive secondary
battery's dimension

  • · Dimensional inspection of automotive secondary batteries (length, width, lead length, etc.)
  • · High resolution line scan measurement and distortion correction using grid
  • · Using coaxial and dome shpaed complex lighting
  • · It is possible to freely set the dimension measurement regardless of the position and item.
  • · Analyze the statistical figures such as CPL / CPU / CP / CpK
  • · The automatic setting function of USL / LSL using normal distribution is included.

Inspection of Knob PCB

  • · Inspect the soldering status, QR code, LED of Knob PCB
  • · Various colors can be inspected by Color / Mono mode
  • · Auto setting function for management tolerance of USL / LSL using normal distribution is included.