Electricity / Electronic

MLCC tombstone
Inspection system

  • · Inspect the MLCC chip's poor mounting / Non mounting / Wrong mounting.
  • · Color pattern matching using color area camera and screening test using classify
  • · Determine the defect location and extract the defect chip by Pick & Place.

MLCC tombstone
Inspection system

  • · Measure the width dimension of the product produced by the punching machine and mark on the side of a defective product after combining with the Encoder value
  • · When setting up the inspection, the customer enters only the product's spec and the location calibration and inspection area are set.

Laser measurement
instrument integrated
module program

  • · Auto Correlator, Beam Profiler, Power Meter, Spectrometer Integrated Module Program.
  • · Calculate the comprehensive measurement data to provide records, storage, and reports

Inspection of condenser's

  • · Check the amount of silicone applied to the condenser.
  • · No extra tact time is required because the test is conducted in real time during a silicon injection.
  • · Save cumulative/production management/defective details information with inspection result report