Align Master

Align Master

"Align Master" is a exclusive Align System designed specifically to control cameras and motion for precise and convenient aligns at the manufacturing site. More than just a program, we can easily respond to on-site situations (number of cameras, various motion stage types), and standardize/modularize to dramatically reduce on-site trial run period.

Align Master Application field and Control H/W

  • · Industrial fields that require precise alignment such as semiconductor / electronics, LCD / PDP, and mobile glass adhesion adjustment
  • · Motion stage controls XY0, UVW (3 axis), UVWX (4 axis), and 1-4 GigE cameras

Align Master

Camera Distortion Calibration

  • · Adjustable for camera verticality and camera tilt (rotation) quantity that occurs when installing a camera.
  • · The reference mark of the inspection target can be used to measure the condition of camera installation.

Lens Distortion Calibration

  • · Distortion of General CCTV lens can also be calibrated using calibration function.
  • · Even if the len's magnification and condition of each camera are different, it can be calibrated.

Motion Distortion Calibration

  • · Using the camera to measure the level of straightness and absoluteness of the stage to increase the correction accuracy.
  • · Compensation for yaw, pitch, and rolling errors on motion stage and camera mounting parts
  • · OneShot Align can be implemented depending on product loading position and the rotation center of the stage

User convenience

  • · It is designed to be easy for user to install and replace the camera by using its own auto tuning function.

Example of Applying Align Master

Extra large LCD Module AGING align System (5 locations/lines)

Glass Masking Align System in chamber for pre-compact precess

LCD Glass Adhesion Align System Using UVWX4 Axis

XYO Align Control System for transportation and rotation of LCD

Glass, Wafer Align UVW 3 Axis individual Align and Adhesion System